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Wearable Technology (WT) products are developing at a faster rate than consumers can put them on. With the help of UL’s expert engineers, manufacturers can fulfil regulatory requirements and get the most potential out of their WT products, while still enjoying a speedy market entry. We can guide you through the wearable technology compliance process.

Drawing on more than 100 years’ expertise in product safety science, today UL tests and certifies high-tech products to wireless, product safety, battery, chemical and material standards, amongst many others, which is why we are perfectly poised to guide WT manufacturers through what – at first glance – appears to be a daunting compliance process. At UL, our aim is to make that process as straightforward and smooth as possible for you.

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In the wearable technology industry, UL offers tailored services to not only help you achieve the best safety practices but also the best, most rewarding, product performance – from interoperability to optimal user experience. These services include:

Global Service

Well-recognized by many international regulatory organizations, UL’s 55 testing, certification, and lab facilities around the world provide leading services and support successful product launches in nearly all global markets.

Driven by the belief that the public deserve safe products that work properly, UL is ready to advise and guide you right from the very first design phase up until your product is ready to launch, listening each step of the way – to you, to the market, to industry developments – because UL is in this with you for the long run.

You may already be considering services like safety testing or medical regulatory requirements for your WT products.

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