Boosting market access for essential power supply products

Power supply products are indispensable for both wired and wireless work and play. UL engineers assist product manufacturers with power supply testing services to achieve global market success in areas ranging from safety and performance compliance to other key business needs.

UL has been pioneering product safety science for over 120 years. So we can draw on an unparalleled depth and breadth of experience when we test and certify built-in and external power supplies, battery chargers, and other power supply products, for instance through energy efficiency verification.

Let us know the vision for your product. We’ll identify how we can help you realize that vision more quickly, more easily, and more efficiently.

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Our aim is to support successful product launches by making the process of market compliance as straightforward and smooth as possible for you. We deliver individualized services to verify your specific product’s safety and performance to all major world standards – IEC, CE, Denan PSE, Inmetro, UL, etc.

Our services include

Chosen by People Who Care

We all benefit from safe products that perform well. That’s why UL cares about making your product launch a success. We take the time to be present and available for you – as early on as the design phase, right through to finished release.

A big part of our job is listening: to you, and to developments in the market, the industry and the technology. The other part is delivering, enabled by our more than 55 state-of-the-art lab facilities around the world, where our engineers offer a comprehensive range of testing and certification services that are recognised and respected by regulatory agencies worldwide.

Did you know that we can deliver a turn key conformity assessment solutions for streamlined global market access?

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