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Mobile cellular and other telecommunication products are vital to modern society, and new technologies and applications are being developed every day. UL specialist engineers assist telecom manufacturers in keeping up with all the changes, and in complying quickly with safety and performance requirements for global market success.

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With more than a century of experience in product safety science, UL today uses its expertise to evaluate high-tech telecommunication products to worldwide standards in areas such as EMC, NEBS, network compatibility and quality systems. We deliver individually tailored services to verify your product’s safety and performance, thoroughly evaluating what you require, from specific absorption rates and energy efficiency to the quality of circuit breakers and batteries.

Our mobile and telecommunications services include

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UL streamlines successful product launches, standing by myour side from design conception to finished release. Along the way, we listen: to you, and to developments in the market, the industry and the technology. Regulatory agencies know and respect UL for these reasons, as well as for our belief that we all benefit from safe products that perform well.

Our experienced engineers provide a comprehensive range of industry-benchmark testing and certification services at more than 55 state-of-the-art lab facilities around the world.

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