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In the healthcare and medical industry, consumers like to know they are working with a wireless medical device manufacturer who shares a commitment to safety and security. This complex industry – and diversity of national regulations – requires an experienced hand. With the help of UL’s experts, manufacturers can fulfil regulatory requirements and get the most out of their wireless medical health or mHealth devices.

Drawing on more than 100 years’ expertise in product safety science, today UL tests and certifies wireless medical devices to EMC, Radio performance, NFC, Wi-Fi, Continua Health Alliance and other standards. We are perfectly positioned to guide manufacturers through the complicated compliance process. UL makes that process as smooth as possible, so that tested, quality wireless medical products are launched on-time and successfully into the healthcare and medical sector.

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In the wireless medical devices industry, UL offers tailored services to help you achieve the best safety practices, as well as to verify proper working capabilities, whether for remote monitoring, health and fitness or the hospital.

Our portfolio of services include

The UL Difference

Well-recognised by many international regulatory organisations, UL’s 55 testing, certification, and lab facilities around the world provide leading services and support successful product launches in the major global markets. UL is constantly advancing the future of safety. Our innovations, combined with our independence, make us a benchmark of trust worldwide. UL is ready to advise and guide you right from the very first design phase up until your product is ready to launch, listening each step of the way: to you, to the industry, to consumers.

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