Machine to Machine (M2M) Compliance for Global Access

M2M devices now employ many different types of technology in their function and this increases the complexity of the compliance process and puts a greater demand on the manufacturer. Failing to plan the global compliance program can cause delays to product launch as different countries have different requirements for M2M products so it is important to employ the principle of early engagement in understanding what a manufacturer needs to do to get their product in the global market place.

Drawing on more than 100 years’ expertise, today UL tests and certifies M2M products which integrate all types of wireless technologies from Short range technologies such as Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi® and ZigBee® to Longer range such as Cellular (GSM/UMTS/LTE), or Microwave Fixed Links.

For more detailed information on the regulatory and certification requirements for various different countries and technologies.

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We are accredited to all of the latest regulatory standards for European (CE) test and FCC /Industry Canada for Radio, EMC and Safety and are recognized by the main certification organizations to provide the essential services a manufacturer needs to get a product to market quickly and efficiently first time. Services can be tailored to your needs and budget.

Services include

The UL Difference

Well-recognized by many international regulatory organizations, UL’s 55 testing, certification, and lab facilities around the world provide leading services and support successful product launches in nearly all global markets. As a trusted independent safety authority, everyone at UL, from engineers to consultants, is dedicated to protecting people, products and places in new and necessary ways for today’s borderless world. UL is ready to address every safety issue and guide you from the first testing challenge until your industrial product is ready to launch, listening each step of the way: to you, to the market, to changing global.

Tell us which markets you are targeting or even just thinking about targeting and we will define a service package that supports your next global launch.

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