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The success of industrial equipment testing relies on a combination of creativity and the right facilities. With the help of UL’s dedicated engineers around the world, our customers can be assured of both, and know that UL goes the extra mile to deliver accurate testing no matter the size or complexity of industrial equipment.

Drawing on more than 100 years’ expertise in product safety science, today UL tests and certifies industrial equipment to EMC and other requirements, anywhere in the world. Our global market access advisers know the demands, and develop customized testing for fixed locations, or use UL facilities with up to five tons capacity that supply 600V, 3 phase and over 100A power.

Our specialists quickly let you know what we can do for you, and how we can meet your industrial equipment compliance needs.

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For the industrial equipment industry, UL offers tailored services to not only help you achieve the best safety practices but also to get your industrial products – no matter the size – ready for as many international target markets as you desire.

Our portfolio of services include

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Well-recognized by many international regulatory organizations, UL’s 55 testing, certification, and lab facilities around the world provide leading services and support successful product launches in nearly all global markets. As a trusted independent safety authority, everyone at UL, from engineers to consultants, is dedicated to protecting people, products and places in new and necessary ways for today’s borderless world. UL is ready to address every safety issue and guide you from the first testing challenge until your industrial product is ready to launch, listening each step of the way: to you, to the market, to changing global.

Whatever your needs, get in touch! We’ll talk you through our range of solutions and together decide what can best speed your industrial equipment to your target markets.

At UL, we adapt to your needs – and keep the process as solution-oriented and easy as possible.
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