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Batteries are key to powering almost any portable device today and are essential for the continuing success of many product industries. For over 30 years, UL’s expert engineers and advisers have been helping manufacturers fulfil safety requirements and boost confidence and innovation in batteries. Benefiting from UL’s truly global overview, manufacturers can access multiple markets, quickly and without restriction.

Drawing on more than 120 years of expertise in product safety science, today UL tests and certifies standby, primary and secondary batteries for various applications, with a high focus on lithium types amongst all the others, to key national and international regulations, such as UN38.3, IEC62133, IEEE 1625 or IEC 60086 and IEC 61951.

How can we help you with your battery compliance needs?

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Streamlining compliance

With so many types of batteries, standards, and regional demands, the safety compliance process could be time intensive. Not with UL. We’ll help identify the potential safety issues, develop a plan for standards testing, while also helping you understand how your products perform.

Our dedicated services for battery manufacturers include

The UL Difference

Well-recognized by many international regulatory organizations, UL’s 55 testing, certification, and lab facilities around the world provide leading services in nearly all global markets.

Battery safety is an issue consumers take seriously, and one that everyone at UL, from research-driven engineers to your personal consultant, share with you. UL stays with you right down the supply line, responding to each new development, because UL wants to help you get the most long-lasting success out of batteries.

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A UL specialist is on hand to inform you in detail about these and our other service offers for batteries.

Once we understand what batteries need to be tested and your target markets, we can put together an advisory plan, identifying what the best way is to help launch your next battery line.
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