UL understands that business is fierce due to the continued low oil prices and other global economic challenges including the competitive petroleum, chemical and energy business.   Additionally, technology is evolving every day resulting in new issues associated with hydrogen, biofuels, and refrigerants.   So, having one comprehensive source for design, production, installation, inspection and regulatory compliance that helps you with speed to market is key to your success – but what trusted resource do you have to quickly access essential Hazardous Locations information 24/7?  Turn to UL.

UL has just launched a new HazLoc App  to facilitate a common understanding of global hazardous locations (explosive atmospheres) for industry stakeholders – putting expertise at your fingertips.  Download it now for free using iTunes® or Google Play

Designers, manufacturers, distributors, inspection & regulatory authorities and end-users (oil & gas, chemical, agricultural, pharmaceuticals, offshore, and mining) will benefit from having one comprehensive source for installation principles regarding explosive atmospheres searchable by the following attributes:

  • Types of explosive atmospheres
  • Likelihood an explosive atmosphere is present
  • Ignition-related properties of explosive atmospheres
  • Temperature classifications based on maximum surface temperatures
  • Methods of explosion protection regarding electrical and non-electrical risks of ignition
  • Markings required by both standards and by national or regional regulations
  • National, regional and international standards, including a “Find Your StandardTM” feature based on the selection of five simple data points
  • Ingress protection (IP) codes and Type ratings for equipment enclosures
  • Contact options for additional information and questions

This new app is the latest UL educational effort for global hazardous locations (explosive atmospheres).  UL also offers public and private workshops along with our website where you can order complimentary copies of the Hazloc wallchart poster and binder-sized brochures.

UL has been at the forefront of hazardous locations research and expertise for over 100 years.  We hope UL’s continuing educational efforts are another reason for you to continue relying on UL for HazLoc safety science research, testing and certification.