UL recently exhibited at 2015 Amazon Global Selling Summit at the Baiyun International Convention Center in Guangzhou, China.  As an Amazon’s certification partner, UL introduced its Global Market Access services to around 2,000 participants, stressing that the certifications could add a value to their products and would be easier to boost confidence of their overseas buyers.

During the summit, Eric Broussard, Vice President (Global), Amazon, reported that Amazon e-commerce platform reached 294 million active users and provided 14 global selling locations.  According to the CECRC’s “2015 First Half Chinese e-Commerce Market Report”, Chinese cross-border e-commerce market had developed rapidly.  For the first half of 2015, it recorded a cross-border transaction value of 2 trillion Chinese Yuan, an increase of 42.8 percent over the same period.  Amazon’s cross-border business also expanded quickly to cope with this booming trend.

In addition, David Yeh, VP & GM, Amazon China announced 4 key measures of helping Chinese sellers entering high consumption power markets such as North America, Europe and Japan.  The measures included Europe Market Business Rapid Expansion Plan and Chinese web interface development, simplifying the process of setting up cross-border online shops for Chinese sellers.  Apart from B2C (corporation to consumer selling) market, Amazon will also enhance their services for B2B (corporation to corporation selling) sellers, hoping that more Chinese manufacturers can sell their products to overseas wholesalers and retailers through the e-platform and thus become their key distribution channel. In fact, quite a number of “Made in China” brands have become international brands among the electronic business platform and strived to become part of the international market.

UL booth at Amazon Global Selling Summit in Guangzhou, China

Japan is one of the Chinese sellers’ targeted markets. UL representative participated in the break out session featuring “Global Selling – Winning in Japan”.  According to Yuichi Onishi, Amazon Japan Global Selling Business In-Charge, to deal with the high expectations from Japanese buyers on delivery speed and quality, sellers are now able to offer delivery on the buying day for buyers in major cities.  Sellers will also state clearly the features and advantages of products, hoping to provide sufficient information for buyers’ decision. During the session, UL responded to sellers’ questions upon entering Japanese market like prices of the Japanese wireless MIC Mark.