When one looks back 20..30…or even 40 years and considers the unbelievable devices which were conjured up in the minds of the science fiction writers, such as wrist communication devices, tiny sensors, almost invisible cameras, could anybody ever imagined it would come true? (I certainly didn’t as a young child!)

What was then Science Fiction is now Science Fact. And the technology pages are littered with them. I remember as a child in the movie Goldfinger seeing James Bond tracing the “Homing Beacon” attached to Auric Goldfingers car (“No Mr Bond, I expect you to die” – sorry I had to get that in).

At that time that was the most amazing piece of technology I had ever seen….truly unbelievable. And here many years on I work for a company which assists manufacturers of these devices get their product to market. To Market!! This is now a common commercial device which was once in the enclaves of the most secret government organizations (or the movies tell us). But worryingly there had no regard for CE compliance or FCC certification, never mind PTCRB…!

And how can I mention James Bond without mentioning the Mission Impossible guys? And the unforgettable lines of “Your mission should you wish to accept it….” And “This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds” I used to wonder how on earth did they do that? Make something blow up in a puff of smoke? Amazing special effects guys obviously, but one could be mistaken for thinking it is a poorly designed Li-Ion battery exploding when used inappropriately – but if it had been tested at UL any issues would have been detected and design changes implemented.

All fun aside, the science fiction of these old movies which was used to chase arch villains and get the government agents out of trouble; but I am not aware that all these gadgets complied with the appropriate legislation. However, UL’s CTECH business unit can help make sure future ones are. So James! Ethan! Give us a call.

Source: http://europe-ul.com/ctech/this-iot-device-will-self-destruct-in-5-seconds-or-is-it-the-battery/