In order to response the request from the registered users under the India BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) introduced a new Standard Mark and simplified the labeling requirements on December 3rd, 2015.

The guidelines for use of Standard Mark for the Compulsory Registration Scheme of BIS are given below:

  1. The monogram of the “Standard Mark” consists of the pictorial representation, drawn in the exact style as indicated in the figure in Annexure I. Its photographic reduction and enlargement is permitted.
  2. The “Standard Mark” can be displayed in single color or multi-color as per the details given in Annexure I. The color scheme for the Standard Mark to be used in multi-color shall be used as indicated in Annexure II.
  3. The registered user shall display the “Standard Mark” or the words “Self Declaration-Conforming to IS……” along with Registration number on the article and/or the packaging, as the case may be, in a manner so as to be easily visible. It shall be legible, indelible and non-removable. Further, the durability of marking shall be as per the provisions of the relevant Indian Standard, wherever applicable. The display of IS number, Registration number and words shall not be less than Arial font size 6.

The registered users now have the option of either using the Standard Mark or use the words “Self declaration–Conforming to IS……” along with Registration number.


Under the “Electronics and Information Technology Goods Order, 2012” issued by the Indian Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEIT), expanded in November, 2014, 30 electronic and consumer products are required to comply with the applicable Indian safety standards and mandatory registration before they are imported to, distributed, or sold in India. Since the Scheme implementation, UL India was the first foreign-owned testing laboratory to obtain the related testing accreditation and has been assisting global manufacturers, including well-known brand owners to test their products under the Scheme.

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Reference: Guidelines for use of Standard Mark and labelling requirements under BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme for Electronic and IT Products