Global Market Access Update (August 2016)

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Global Market Access Update (August 2016)

UL’s Global Market Access (GMA) services give you the ability to achieve and maintain product compliance, increase speed to market in a cost-effective way. Manufacturers can choose any combination of our services to fit specific needs or have UL deliver a turnkey solution in which we handle the entire process and deliver the desired certifications, marks and regulatory approvals. UL will support you and help to launch your products successfully.

This month’s highlights:

  • Argentina
  • Russia-GOST
  • Mexico
  • Nepal

Below please find the current Global Market Access Update for your information. Please note that it represents a general overview and those regulatory requirements may change from time to time. For the latest information, please contact each Mark Owner or UL GMA Team:

Taiwan – [email protected]

China & Hong Kong – [email protected]

Other regions – [email protected]

Related Services and Industries

Resolution 171/2016 is going to replace Res 508/2015 on August 4th, 2016.
Scope remains the same. Local entities only as Certificate Holders remains. Full in-country testing remains.

There are some parts will be affected, please see as below:

1.) Marking requirements for low voltage products (<50V) are withdrawn. New TYPE/LOT marking is withdrawn.
2.) Market Surveillance is simplified: detailed process and requirements for 1 sample only.
3.) Local entities (importers/representatives) as Certificated Holders have the Surveillance process simplified.
4.) More products are included in the list for using MARK certification system only.
Kitchen appliances, Power supplies, TV and monitors, Audio equipment, AIO computers must obtain MARK certificate only (TYPE is not an option anymore)

On your query if accumulators, battery packs and galvanic cells (see below) – those detached, as well as those built-in (non-removable) attached into the final product,

– Acid Accumulators and Battery packs;
– Alkaline Accumulators and Battery packs;
– Nickel-Iron Accumulators and Battery packs;
– Nickel-Cadmium Accumulators and Battery packs;
– Accumulators and Battery packs of other systems;
– Elements and galvanic cells;
and battery packs and galvanic cells for household appliances and general uses which are subjects of mandatory assessment.

We inform the following:

The above mentioned products are included into “Unified list of products for which confirmation of conformity is to be executed in the format of accepting of declaration of conformity” adopted by Russian Governmental Decree dated 01.12.09 No.982 (with changes), and as such Declaration of Conformity is required to be submitted.

Simultaneously we inform that the above mentioned products DO NOT come within Customs Union Technical Regulation “On Safety of Low Voltage Equipment” (CU TR 004/2011), adopted by Decision of Customs Union Committee dated 16.08.2011 No.768 (with changes) and Customs Union Technical Regulation “Electromagnetic Compatibility of Technical Devices” (CU TR 020/2011), adopted by Decision of Customs Union Committee dated 09.12.2011 No.879 (with changes). Certificate of conformity or Declaration of conformity to comply with the requirements of the above Technical regulations is not required.

Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between UL and one of local designed Lab in Mexico for NOM-032-ENER-2013 had been approved and published, and is now operational immediately. Data generated at our UL laboratories (ex: UL TW) or in accordance with our data acceptance program (DAP) (Applicants could test at their facility) will now be accepted via this MRA.

Nepal, NTA announce Type Approval Working Procedure (TAP-04) for Customer Premises Radio Telecommunication Equipment.

There are following main changes brought by the new process (TAP-04):

1. For a renewal application, it must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the date of expiry.
2. Technical Specifications of mobile handset.
a.) Specific Absorption Rate: The handset shall have the SAR standard of maximum 2 W/Kg, averaged over 10
gm of tissue.
b.) Min. Receiver Sensitivity: -102 dBm
c.) Maximum EIRP: Maximum EIRP: 33+/-2 dBm
d.) Minimum Charging Capacity of Battery:
• 600 mAh (for Bar Phone i.e. Normal Keypad phone)
• 1000 mAh (for Smart Phone)

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