Global Market Access Update (Apr 2016)

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Global Market Access Update (Apr 2016)

UL’s Global Market Access (GMA) services give you the ability to achieve and maintain product compliance, increase speed to market in a cost-effective way. Manufacturers can choose any combination of our services to fit specific needs or have UL deliver a turnkey solution in which we handle the entire process and deliver the desired certifications, marks and regulatory approvals.  UL will support you and help to launch your products successfully.

This month’s highlights:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Korea
  • Morocco
  • Uzbekistan
  • Taiwan

Below please find the current Global Market Access Update for your information. Please note that it represents a general overview and those regulatory requirements may change from time to time. For the latest information, please contact each Mark Owner or UL GMA Team:

Taiwan – [email protected]

China & Hong Kong – [email protected]

Other regions – [email protected]

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Argentina, ENACOM has issued Resolution 015 and updated the attributed bands for Low Power Devices to include 24 GHz. Besides that, requirement of non-desired emissions for 13.56 MHz where changed from “< 913 µV/m” to “

UL Solution: UL Taiwan GMA has been ready to offer service according to this change.

Brazil, ANATEL announced following labelling changes by Resolution 662 on March 8

  1. Homologation No. would be changed to 12 digits (HHHHH-AA-FFFFF) from 10 digits before
  2. Bar Code and EAN Code would not be requested also

That means the label would be changed accordingly as below:


All new application should follow up this new requirement from now on.

UL Solution: UL Taiwan GMA can assist customers to apply ANATEL service.

Indonesia, SDPPI announced on March 6, 2016 that CE/FCC RF report and EMC Report should be submitted for Type Approval application. This new requirement would be put into effective after announcement immediately.

CE/FCC Requirement does not mean in-country test and sample request would be skipped. Those reports would be used just for a reference and smooth the test process

UL Solution: UL Taiwan GMA can assist customers to get CE/FCC testing report and assist to apply SDPPI Type Approval.

MSIP announce KN32/KN35 would be put into force for application. All new application should follow up those two standards after Jan. 1, 2016. For certificate update case could follow up KN22/KN24 after this change till Dec. 31, 2017. But, from Jan.1, 2018, manufacturer needs to update any KC certificate with KN32/KN35 requirement if he would keep this certificate to be available.

UL Solution: UL Taiwan GMA has been ready to offer service according to this change.

Morocco Authority has announced that EMC and Safety approval would be requested after 16 April 2016. It would be a DoC (Declaration of Conformity) program like CE requirement.

  1. It should be Manufacturer’s obligations to do necessary DoC in Arabic before put his products to Morocco market;
  2. Standards shown in the declaration form should be Moroccan standards mostly based on international standards;
  3. Product should bear the following marking in his label. The vertical dimension of the letter “c” of the marking can’t be less than 6 mm.


The Moroccan marking shall be affixed visibly, legibly and indelibly to the apparatus. But, if it is not possible because of the nature of the product, it shall be affixed to the packaging and to the documents shipped with product.

UL Solution: UL Taiwan GMA has been ready to offer service according to this change.

There is being introduced compulsory energetic marking and certification of all household electric appliances as well as of buildings and facilities under construction. Therewith all electric appliances will be assigned respective energy performance classes in accordance to their characteristics. Marking of household appliances must contain the information about the class of their energy efficiency from January 1, 2016.

Product Scope: Household Appliances

  • Air Conditioners
  • Household Freezing Equipment
  • Washing machines
  • Electric water heaters
  • Heaters
  • Microwave ovens
  • Electric cookers
  • Display, TV receiving equipment
  • Electric incandescent lamps, gas  discharge lamps,  ultraviolet  and  infrared lamps, arc-lamps

UL Solution: UL Taiwan GMA has been ready to offer service according to this change.

Related promotion for RoHS:

  1. From the date of publication announced on 2015-12-29:
    1. To apply BSMI certificate for new or renew application by following previous (without RoHS) requirement, the validity period of certificate is shorter than usual, and the expiry date of certificate is 2017-06-30.
    2. To apply for replacement application by following new (with RoHS) requirement, customer should provide original certificate, the location of the marking of presence, sample of the marking of presence and the “Declaration of the Presence Condition of the Restricted Substances Marking.” The validity period of certificate is the same as original one.
  2. Not regulate the way to put the location of the marking of presence, sample of the marking of presence, or website address on instruction books. But the instruction books still need to comply with the regulation of Product labeling law.
  3. Wired network media players and internal projection type projectors listed above are required to be subject to mandatory inspection can apply BSMI certificate from the date of publication. Applicants applying for new certificates before Oct. 2016 should pay annual fees of 2017 upon receipt of notification uniformly on Oct. this year by follow the current procedure. If applicants do not proceed the payment on time, the certificates will be withdrawn accordingly. Applicants acquiring certificates can’t label Commodity Inspection Mark prior to 2017-07-01. Testing laboratory must notify applicants to avoid violation of regulations.
  4. In publication of “inspection standards for 6 kinds of IT/AV products”, it addresses “Excluding the wireless TTE (Telecommunications Terminal Equipment) makes a call via mobile operators provided cellular phone numbers” under product category of “Automatic data processing machines.” Here the “wireless TTE” means portable equipment, such as tablet, PDA, etc, so they should comply with regulations. But all kinds of notebooks which can make a call via mobile operators provided cellular phone numbers are exclusive of regulations.

Requirement for new standard of FCC 14-208:

After BSMI checked with FCC, accredited testing laboratories via old-version checklist will not be recognized any more since 2016-07-12 because old-version checklist can’t comply with new regulation of FCC 14-208 effective on 2016-07-13. So domestic testing laboratories can only get accreditation and proceed tests after re-evaluation through new-version checklist complying with FCC 14-208.

UL Solution: UL Taiwan GMA has been ready to offer service according to this change.

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